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Natalie and her team are fantastic and we would recommend them in a heart beat. She was so thoughtful and brought up things that hadn’t even occurred to us – very detail oriented. She is such a professional that she was able to immediately remedy any potential issues the day of without us even knowing so we could fully enjoy our wedding and be in the moment. She worked very well with our vendors in ensuring our event was seamless. At first, we weren’t sure that we needed a day of wedding coordinator but once we got closer to the event we realized it was so worth it. We are so happy we went with Natalie – she really knows what she is doing, services are reasonably priced, she provides great customer service and piece of mind to even the most high maintenance brides! Thank you Natalie and team! We will never forget the amazing job you did for us on our big day.

Bhaven Gill

I’ve worked with Natalie a twice now and can’t wait until the next wedding we will be working together on this year. She is very friendly and approachable and most importantly of all SHE WAS THERE where I could find her! I didn’t have to bug the couple about questions interrupting their day. Both weddings ran smoothly and she made everything super easy. As a photographer I love that.

Chris Simon of Let’s Reminisce Photography

Hiring a wedding planner was definitely worth it. Natalie and her mother shown through from all the others in their sincerity and openness. I don’t regret hiring her at all. She was there to do all the research for anything I wanted, compile a list of pro’s and cons of each vendor, keep me on track in my budget and remind me about my vision- its so easy to go into wedding mode and spend spend spend but Natalie was there to reign me back (“remember when you said you didn’t want wedding favors?”)


A few little things did disappoint me, like how the videographer didn’t know the schedule where to meet us, or how the DJ set up lights I didn’t want him to, and how she dressed extremely casually for a formal wedding. All minor of course. Does that mean I regret choosing Natalie? No no NO! Because my wedding looked exactly EXACTLY like I envisioned. The tables were elegant, the centerpieces gorgeous and the cake table stunning. She helped bring my vision to life, my wedding was warm and elegant and bold all at the same time- and considering my vision was a blank canvass to which I had no colors and only an aversion for flowers I hope that says something about exactly how much effort she put into finding exactly what I wanted, then making it fit into my budget.

Natalie is a wonderful woman, who will go to bat for you and is not afraid to tell those blood sucking leechers in the wedding business where to stick it. She’s efficient and will get back to you with information you want/need right away- I once accidentally called her at midnight (I was on night shifts) and she picked up and had a full conversation with me putting aside my fears before gently reminding me of the time. I was mortified! But so appreciative. Even more she took such good care of my mother (who broke her leg the night before my wedding). She waited on her all night-for this act of kindness alone I will forever be thankful. THANK YOU NATALIE!!

Private says…

Thank-you so much for working your behinds off to make our day perfect! You calmed my nerves and took care of every detail, definitely going above and beyond for us. It was very appreciated! I can’t imagine doing it with out you! I can’t say enough kind words to express my gratitude! Thank you from us.
Marjohn and Taren Rotea

Natalie did a wonderful job as the wedding planner for my daughter’s wedding. She was professional, pleasant to work, very knowledgeable, all with a great sense of humorous. She ensured everything was planned and carried out as Megan and Joel had wanted for their special day. She provided invaluable advice, professional opinions and was organized and very efficient.
On the actual wedding day she was mysteriously “everywhere” with courtesy and great attention to detail.

She was a pleasure to work with and she made sure the wedding couple had the wedding they had dreamed of. As the mother of the bride, I can say, Natalie did an excellent job of leading us to a very, very wonderful day.

Linda Pellis

Natalie went above and beyond to make our wedding day perfect. She added personal touches wherever she could and was so accommodating. Brides, you need to hire her!

Leah Rolston

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