Kate and Mike

Military weddings are dear and close to my heart since I grew up on a base. Watching men and women in their uniforms was an everyday thing for me. I know first hand the sacrifice they make for their family and loved one and for that I’m forever grateful. It’s a special kind of family that you belong too.

When Kate and Mike came to me to help them plan their wedding, I was very humbled. Little did I know he was going to get posted soon and on a holiday, they secretly got married. It left me to wonder if the wedding was going to be a go. Kate’s response was “hell ya!” They wanted to celebrate with their families and friends.

They went through the ceremony and no one knew any different until they showed everyone their holiday video. I loved that they incorporated a fallen solduir table to show their respect. Did you know boutonnieres are not worn with the uniform? That’s because any medals or “military decorations” they may have will serve as the boutonniere. This love for life couple where the perfect combination of fun, corky and crazy.

It’s Going to be Perfect!

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